Network of Energy Info Points

Energetikom Ludwigsburg

Centre for Energy Competence and Eco-Design


With the new centre for energy competence and eco-design a network for experts and users in fields of energy saving, energy efficiency, climate protection and eco-design is being created.

The networking occurs on different levels: from the involvement of planning offices as well as energy and finance-service providers, the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation to the Ludwigsburg energy agency, the gas and water works and the municipal housing construction Ludwigsburg.

The aim is to develop a core competence for energy questions through the networking of different stakeholders. Innovative projects shall be initialised and the sustainable urban development advanced. Thus all stakeholders of an urban society will be involved.

The knowledge gained will be passed on by seminars, workshops, congresses, etc. The Energetikom is a developing and implementing organ as well as a link between research and market.


Furthermore Energetikom functions as an information and advice centre for house builders and energy consumers. All competence fields are concentrated under one roof (one-stop-agency), so that visitors profit from the physical proximity and high consultation quality of the various contact persons.

All stakeholders are consolidated in the association “Energetikom – energy competence and eco-design e.V.” which is meant to be as a think tank.

The Energetikom association is committed to winning over more enterprises, institutes, organisations, funding authorities and co-operation partners as members to get new impulses for further projects.

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