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Provincial Desk of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving

The Provincial desk of renewable energy and energy saving is an initiative promoted by the Province of Genoa and Muvita Foundation, supported by GAL Genovese, with the aim to really allow the development of the renewable energy sources on the provincial territory and to promote the culture of the efficient use of energy.

The Desk aims to provide a careful information and a technical, planning and administrative support to the citizen or enterprises wishing to develop systems aimed at energy savings and therefore at the use of renewable energy sources.

The main activities of the Provincial Desk of renewable energy and energy saving is to provide information on renewable energy systems (solar thermal, photovoltaic, mini wind system, mini hydro, biomass, geothermal), how they work and how best to install, with analysis on linked regulatory issues.

Compared to these issues the desk also provides technical support to the decisions of the user in cost-benefit analysis for the construction of the facilities and technical and fiscal assistance to citizens, companies and associations interested in learning about tax incentives and European, National and Regional contributions. It provides information concerning the administrative procedures to obtain permits and clearances, and offers the possibility to access expertise for the evaluation of each case proposed by users. Finally, it introduces the themes of energy saving and efficiency in the house, in workplace and in daily mobility and the energy certification of buildings.

The main activities carried out by the Desk concern the following aspects:

• Background information;

• Support and advice;

• Authorization procedures and reporting opportunities;

• Verify the feasibility and advantages of individual interventions on property ownership;

• Support for the redefinition of construction and urban planning tools;

• Training on specific areas of interest;

• Communication on projects and/or interventions, that the Province of Genoa will be implemented on its territory on these issues.


Palazzina Santa Maria – Porto Antico
Responsible: Barbara Gatti
Tel .: +39 010 910001
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