Profile of the Energy Efficiency Info Point in Kranj

Collecting informations and materials and exchanging ideas and visions for starting the arrangement of the Energy Info Point
- Already existing info points on energy efficiecy topics known and visited by the Partner

Info point; regional office for renewable energy (established in 2009); mainly general information about renewable energy and energy efficiency; main task; implementation of the tasks according to 3 year contract between EC and regional offide.

- Energy parks, museum or other local experiences or project ideas
- not existing.

Collection of information for Specific Infopoint

Institutional arrangement

  • Name; Regional office for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Mission; to provide info about renewables and to develop approaches in renewables and energy efficiency
  • Owner(s); City community Kranj
  • Management framework (directed managed by, convention with, other ...) Director
  • Partners (NGO, Enterprises, Public administration, others) / no partners but working for the whole region / 18 local communities


  • Opening time / not applicable; mainly now concentrated on working plan (contract between EC and office)
  • Participation at network (Environmentale ducation, other); no


  • permanent, payed, voluntary ...; 3 permanent employed workers
  • qualification and role; 3 ingenieurs, director + 2 experts
  • staff training; not applicable

Location and physical structures

  • Location (local administration, quarter involved ...) (local administration offices)
  • Accessibility by public transport; yes; 5 minute walk
  • Dimension;
  • Rooms, teaching areas, laboratory, (only offices)
  • Library (and video-library) ...; not applicable
  • Exemples and devices for energy efficiency; not applicalbe yet
  • Accessibility for disabled persons; yes


  • Documentation center ... not applicable


  • Internet web site (Integration face to face on line)
  • Paper or electronic Newsletter not applicable
  • Desk support, phone support; yes
  • Exibition; not applicable
  • Production of specific documentation, diffusion of documentation from EU, National, etc.
  • Communication, public relations and information at local level
  • Environmental educatuion/development education/energy efficiency education
  • Temporary EEIP in supermarkets or open weekly markets
  • Training
  • Didactic project in schools or universities; yes in progress
  • Awarenss raising and participatory project; not applicable
  • Support to teachers
  • Technical and didactic Visits; not applicalbe

Target groups

  • Citizens
  • politicians and representatives of administrations
  • children
  • teachers