Profile of the Energy Info Point in Sopot

Collecting informations and materials and exchanging ideas and visions for starting the arrangement of the Energy Info Point
- Already existing info points on energy efficiecy topics known and visited by the Partner
- Energy parks, museum or other local experiences or project ideas

Collection of information for Specific Infopoint

Institutional arrangement

  • Name
    The Municipality of Sopot
  • Mission
    To inform the one who is interested about everything that is connected with energy efficiency and   related topics:

     -  Financing Instruments Available at Local, Regional, National and EU level

     - Technical information connected with energy efficiency
       Thermal modernization-what for, problems, ideas, tips, cold bridge - how to eliminate
       heat penetration rate

     - Energy certificate and audit: the differences, the aims, how to get any

     - How to save energy in the household


  • Owner
    The Municipality of Sopt
  • No Partners planned for now


  • Opening time
    Monday 10.00-18.00
    Tuesday - Friday 7.30-15.30

Location and physical structures

  • Location (local administration, quarter involved ...)
    The Municipality of Sopot
    Tadeusza Košciuszki 25/27 Street
  • to the rail way station and to the bus stop, not far from the centre - accessible
  • More than 1 person involved so always someone accessible
  • Documentation center
    Engineering and Environmental Protection Department or Municipal Conservator Office


In the beginning: desk support and phone support
The plan is to have the info point divided:

  1. The info point connected with the info desk, which is localized in front of the main entrance to the Municipality. The interested person can get here the most important information and directions where to to, and who can give more specific information. all the leaflets or posters there
  2. The person which has detailed information in the beginning two departments involved:
    Engineering and Environmental Protection Department and Municipal Conservator Office
    The idea about those two departments:

     - to give a person possibility to get whole information in each department, especially that there
        is a lot of historc buildings that has to be renovated.

     - Communication, public relations and information at local level connected with another project
       EPO Urban (Enabling Private Owners of Residential Buildings to Integrate them into Urban
       Restructuring Processes)

     - The leaflets and posters iin one of or both departments, in the Engineering and Environmental
       Protection Department we have already other leaflets available.

Internet web site integrates with main web site of the Municipality - in the future Paper or electronic Newsletter - in the future

Target groups

  • Citizens
  • property owners
  • investors
  • politicians and representatives of administrations
  • and everyone who is interested