Network of Energy Info Points

Sportello Ecoidea - Ferrara

The Info Point “Sportello Ecoidea” is managed by the Environmental Department of the Province of Ferrara and it was officially opened in February 2003.

The mission of the office is the creation of an information point about sustainability in order to support the citizens to implement good environmental practices in the everyday life.

It was co-financed by the Ministry of Environment in the frame of the incentives for the sustainable development and Agenda 21.

The main aim of the Sportello Ecoidea is to support the citizens to implement good environmental practices; to help children to understand these practices through courses and events organized with the schools; to arrange meetings and events about environmental issues opened to everyone.

In particular the Info Point is dedicated to citizens and families interested in realizing concrete actions in the everyday life to contribute to the environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources.


Sportello Ecoidea offers:

  • Incentives for the use of good environmental practices
  • Tecnologies for domestic energy saving
  • Guide for environmentally friendy lifestyle and products
  • Meetings, workshop and courses
  • Bibliographic references
  • Informations about specialized companies
  • Evening meetings about environmental issues
  • Weekly newsletter about Sportello Ecoidea activities


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