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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF

Financing Schemes

Local Climate-Energy Funds

EnSURE develops a transnational model for climate-energy funds. These funds shall support local and regional voluntary implementation of climate protection measures. It shall be implemented by several stakeholders within the region e.g. local and regional administrations, municipal energy supplier etc.

The climate funds shall support measures that would not have been implemented without financial aid and to which the applicants are not financially committed.

The awarding of the funding will be defined jointly by the project partners. Possible criteria could be: The CO2 efficiency, the absolute CO2 reduction, the multiplier effect and the degree of innovation policies etc.

Discription Pilot Project ESCO

Intelligent condominiums

Innovative financial schemes

EnSURE develops innovative financial schemes, based on the analysis of the existing gaps of funding opportunities for energy efficient urban development, refurbishment and the use of renewable energies.

The financial schemes are developed for different target groups (public/private owners) and different uses (residential, commercial etc.). They include climate energy funds, contracting models, revolving funds (e.g. JESSICA).

They enrich the range of existing regional, national and European funds with funding opportunities at regional or local level.

Contracting model

EnSURE develops and tests energy contracting models. Contracting aims at carrying out energy-saving measures in public buildings without burdening the municipal budget. EnSURE will test and evaluate different contracting models in order to achieve a transferability to interested public stakeholders in Central Europe.