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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF

Knowledge Management

Basic Knowledge Handbook

The basic knowledge handbook contains all relevant basic information gathered at the beginning of the project.

It lists the partners’ experience in all fields of energy efficient urban development and informs about external institutions that can give profound information on relevant topics. It compiles relevant documents and publications in English and the native languages of the project partners. And it assembles the lessons learnt from former INTERREG projects on energy efficiency and urban development.

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Compendium on National Framework Conditions

The Compendium provides background data related to energy efficient urban development in the participating partner countries. It contains three parts:

  • Urban planning principles and institutional aspects.
  • Energy efficiency standards and use of renewable energy.
  • Financing instruments available at regional, national and European level.

Its target groups are: public administrations, associations, politicians, decision-makers at local, regional, national level in Central Europe concerned with urban development, energy policy and rehabilitation.

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Transnational Mid Term Trainings

In 2012, the project results will be disseminated to a large international audience via three mid term trainings. The trainings address representatives of local authorities from the Central Europe area, politicians at regional and national level, representatives of associations, federations etc. involved in the subject.

The trainings shall disseminate the experience gained through the pilot projects, the best practice identified and the methods jointly developed, sensitise for energy efficient urban development and allow an exchange with cities that are not involved as project partners but facing similar challenges.