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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF

Energy Efficient Urban Development

Energy efficient urban development concepts

EnSURE develops a transnational concept for energy efficient urban development. The transnational concept gives guidance for the dealing with climate change in urban planning practice.

The concept integrates all relevant sectors: the infrastructural and technical framework, building construction, local/regional energy supply, financial matters, social aspects, architectural and urban design as well as environmental and economic issues. As the concept shall be implementation oriented, it is elaborated in a wide participation process integrating all relevant interest groups.

Five project partners will additionally elaborate Sustainable Energy Action Plans according to the definition of the Covenant of Mayors.

Manual on Energy Efficient Urban Development

The manual contains all the results developed during the project runtime concerning energy efficient urban development. It provides transferable methods and implementation strategies based on the project partners’ scientific and practical experience.

The manual contains the following parts:

  • Energy efficient rehabilitation of the housing stock
  • Energy efficient rehabilitation of public buildings
  • Energy efficient rehabilitation of business premises
  • Alternative energy supply systems
  • Townscape design and energy efficiency
  • Participatory decision-making, awareness-rising and  mobilisation of stakeholders
  • Regional, national and EU funding opportunities
  • Cost-benefit studies, social impact assessment.

Its target groups are: public administrations, associations, politicians, decision-makers at local, regional, national level in Central Europe in charge of urban development, energy policy and rehabilitation.

Common Policy Paper

The common policy paper summarises the recommendations to the political level. It provides professional input to promote the EnSURE topics and related policies. It includes recommendations on the further development of financing instruments for energy efficiency measures.

It is designated to decision-makers from local to European level. It will be published in English, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian to ensure a broad dissemination and avoid loss due to language problems. 

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