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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF

Project Description

EnSURE strives to develop strategies for an energetic rehabilitation of the building stock and energy efficiency in urban development.

The project generates from the rationale that energy waste, CO2 emission and air pollution in European cities are largely due to the old building stock and inefficient heating systems. It is thus necessary to encourage and support the refurbishment of private and public buildings.  The relevant stakeholders need to be motivated and financial means must be offered for refurbishment activities. However, these activities should not be single operations spread all over the city area, but should be carried out in the context of a long term, integrated development strategy for the individual urban quarter or even the whole city area.

Rehabilitation of the building stock

In the participating cities, pilot projects are realised to test and evaluate refurbishment measures and new concepts for the energy supply such as local and district heating, combined heat and power and the use of renewable energy resources.

The choice of different types of buildings, i.e. tenement houses, public buildings, listed buildings or social housing shall allow the dealing with different pre-conditions and requirements.

Awareness rising

Energy efficiency approaches can only be realised in a participative process involving all relevant stakeholders. EnSURE develops strategies to motivate and integrate owners and tenants, energy providers, municipalities and housing companies in the urban regeneration process.

Integrated urban development

A core aim of EnSURE is the elaboration of integrated concepts for an energy efficient urban regeneration. The concepts are elaborated at city or district level and aim at enhancing the energy efficiency of urban structures. They integrate aspects such as the rehabilitation of the building stock, the renewal of the energy supply system and infrastructure, the raise of the part of renewable energies, the implementation of all relevant stakeholders as well as economic aspects.

The Sustainable Urban Development Concepts lead in action plans appointing the most important activities to be realised in order to enhance energy efficiency in the city or district.

Financial support

Energetic rehabilitation measures need financial support. EnSURE identifies existing funding possibilities and develops appropriate financing concepts. Investments in the energy efficient rehabilitation of the building stock and sustainable energy supply systems shall get better affordable.