EnSURE-Newsletter n° 2 – June 2011

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Dear readers,

Welcome to the second newsletter of the EnSURE-project. We are pleased to keep you up to date on the achieved milestones within the EnSURE-project.

Since the last six months we have had fruitful discussions and a closer exchange within our second project meeting in Genoa. Furthermore we have had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to develop our knowledge and understanding of the different local projects of the partners.

One of the milestones is that we finished our first common output, together with all partners: The analysis of previous activities. At this point many thanks to the Italian partner “Agenda21” from Padova and the whole scientific support team.

We would like to express our thanks to all partners and to all who contributed to the results achieved so far. 

We hope you will enjoy the reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Albert Geiger
Lead-Partner EnSURE
City of Ludwigsburg, Head of Department
of Sustainable Urban Development

Sandra Kölmel
Lead-Partner EnSURE, project manager
City of Ludwigsburg, Department of Sustainable
Urban Development


Partner Workshop in Genoa

For the second time, EnSURE project partners met for a project workshop. On February 10th and 11th 2011, 31 representatives of all project partners met in Genoa, Italy.

Excellently hosted by the Development Agency GAL Genovese, EnSURE project partners had the opportunity to work intensely on two core subjects of energy efficient urban development. In a first working group session, the development of a transnational energy concept, serving as a model for energy concepts at district level, was treated. The participants discussed obstacles and key factors of an energy efficient urban development. It soon became clear that energy efficient urban development needs to be based on a strong political will and a broad support of all involved stakeholders.

Thus, the second focus lay on the development of a participation strategy. The key question, discussed in working groups, was how to activate relevant local stakeholders to join the EnSURE planning and implementation process. Local governments, public institutions, private enterprises and local residents were identified as being the key stakeholders. The partners exchanged on different methods to involve them as active participants in the political decision making process in order to have a real, community based multi-partner local development project.

Imbedded in the partner meeting, the “Desk of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving” of the Province of Genoa was officially opened. The Desk is one of the energy info points to be interlinked within the EnSURE project. On the presence of the President of the Province of Genoa, Mr Alessandro Repetto, a press conference was held to inform the broad public about the aims and foreseen activities of the Desk as well as on the EnSURE project.


Energy Efficient Urban Development from A to Z

The EnSURE partnership has finished their first joint output: The analysis of previous activities. This document collects the project partners’ experience in the fields of energy efficiency, energy savings, renewable energies and urban development. And it contains information on running and closed European and national projects in the relevant subjects.

A short version of the document will soon be published in six languages. The “Pocket version of the EnSURE Basic Knowledge Handbook” provides up-to-date information on selected key words. Energy efficient urban development is analysed from A as in “Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators” via J as in “Jasper-Jeremy-Jessica-Jasmine” and P as in “Participation” to Z as in “zero emissions”. 

The Pocket Handbook will be available in English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian and Italian in autumn 2011.


Innovative Funding Model for Energetic Refurbishment in Genoa

The Italian EnSURE project partner GAL Genovese has developed a new funding model to foster energetic refurbishment of housing estates.

The idea is to support the renovation of private buildings via the creation of Energy Service Companies. These companies carry out actions to improve energy efficiency, taking upon themselves the risk of the initiative, and releasing the end customer from any organisational burden and investment.

The Energy Service Companies receive payment from a share of savings achieved due to the energetic refurbishment. The savings achieved are shared between the company and the end customer.

In order to facilitate these companies in obtaining substantial financial resources, necessary for this type of activity, the financial instrument “Impresapiù” is used. This guarantee fund was activated by the Province of Genoa and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa to facilitate the access to credit for small and medium sized enterprises.

A part of the guarantee fund “Impresapiù” will now explicitly be allocated to the testing of interventions aimed at energy saving (about 700,000 Euro). This share of the guarantee fund shall permit the realisation of five pilot projects for energy requalification of housing estates in the province of Genoa.


First bricks for a Network of Energy Efficiency Info Points

Within EnSURE, a network of info points on energy efficiency, energy savings and renewable energies will be set up. Two existing info points will be interlinked with five new ones, to be created during project lifetime.

With the Centre for Energy Competence and Eco-Design in Ludwigsburg (D) “Energetikom”, the Lead Partner has already set up a core competence for energy questions through the

networking of various stakeholders. The “Energetikom” involves experts and users in the fields of energy saving, energy efficiency, climate protection and eco-design. The Centre initialises innovative projects and promotes sustainable urban development.

Furthermore, the “Energetikom” functions as an information and advice centre for building owners and energy consumers. All competence fields are concentrated under one roof (one-stop-agency), so that visitors profit from the physical proximity and high quality of consultation of the different contact persons. More information on the “Energetikom” is accessible on www.energetikom.de.

The second existing info point is “Sportello Ecoidea” in Ferrara, Italy. Its mission is the support of citizens to implement good environmental practices in the everyday life. More information can be found on www.provincia.fe.it/ecoidea.

With the “Provincial Desk of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving” in Genoa, the third EnSURE info point was set up in February 2011. The Desk shall allow the development of the renewable energy sources on the provincial territory and promote the culture of the efficient use of energy. It aims at providing information, technical, planning and administrative support to citizens and enterprises wishing to develop systems aimed at energy savings and therefore at the use of renewable energy sources.

The office is located in Genoa, Palazzina Santa Maria – Porto Antico. For more information have a look at www.sportelloenergierinnovabili.it.

Within the next year, four more info points will be established in Debrecen (HU), Sopot (PL), Warsaw (PL) and Kranj (SI).


What's next?

EnSURE will share its knowledge with interested persons from Central Europe in March 2012. Representatives of local authorities, associations, federations etc. as well as the political representatives of the local, regional and national level will be invited to three events held in parallel in Berlin (D), Budapest (HU) and Padova (I). At each event, EnSURE project partners will provide up-to-date information on energy efficient urban development and energetic refurbishment. They will present good examples of energy strategies at district level and the lessons learned from selected pilot projects. Participation and stakeholder involvement will also be a core subject.

If you wish to be informed on these upcoming events please register by writing an e-mail to projectmanagement@ensure-project.eu.



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