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–    Risparmiare energia nelle nostre città - La Rete Europea ci aiuta   
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        Nie Wszyscy Złozyli wnioski       
August 2011      
Gazeta eReSeM Praga   

        Il nuovo Sportello Provinciale Energie Rinnovabili e Risparmio Energetico       
March 4th, 2011     
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        Delegacja z włoch w rsm „praga“      
February 28th, 2011      
Gazeta eReSeM Praga   

        Progetto Condomini Intelligenti: risparmiare energia sostenendo ambiente e famiglie      
February 25th, 2011       
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        A Genova condomini intelligenti  
February 20th, 2011      

        Progetto Condomini Intelligenti: risparmiare energia sostenendo ambiente e famiglie      
February 11th, 2011       

        Prov. Genova, Progetto Per Risparmio Energetico Nei Condomini  
February 11th, 2011       

        Energia: Condomini Intelligenti per risparmiarla e sostenere sviluppo e ambiente
February 10th, 2011       
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February 9th, 2011       
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        Una partnership internazionale
January 26th, 2011       
Klimahouse 2011

        Gli altri focus comunitari: ceramica e consumi "verdi"       
May 1st, 2010     
Cronaca Faenza

Cooperation for energy saving – Article by DEHIR.HU 19/07/2010

A two-day international scientific conference was held in Debrecen on Monday. Professionals from 5 countries discussed the topic of a 2010-2013 EU project dealing with energy efficiency and energy saving started in

The program financed by the European Union includes 13 partners (administrative authorities, scientific institutions, foundations and a regional financial institution) from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. The leader of the project is the City of Ludwigsburg who has a wide range of experiences in the field of energy efficient urban development – the audiance have been informed.

Csaba Berde, Head of the Instute of Management and Organization Sciences of the University of Debrecen said that everyone has an opinion about energy efficiency and energy savings and it takes strong commitment and vocation and, of course, money to make all this happen.

Ferenc Miklóssy, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County emphasized that energy efficiency and saving are also strategic points of the EU’s program starting in 2020. On the one hand it means consciousness, and on the other it generates jobs for the enterprise sector.

Those enterprises that harness this kind of knowledge are going to be competitive on EU level as well. Energy consumption covers everything from lighthing of the buildings to heating them - Ferenc Miklóssy stated.

The project aims to involve citizens by organizing trainings and setting up info points where they can get all the information about the project’s financial and technical aspects. Ongoing hungarian programs including replacement of the windows and reconstruction of building estates are part of the EU project.

Saving Energy – Article by Hajdú-Bihari Napló 13/07/2010

Energy efficiency and energy savings of urban districts were the topics of an international conference held in Debrecen on Monday. The project is led by the City of Ludwigsburg (Germany) and further includes polish, slovanian, italian and hungarian partners. Participants hope that this conference, trying to reach municipalities, will contribute to organizing and transfering the knowledge covering energy topics and as a result energy use of bulildings and urban districts can be radically reduced. There are several ways to save energy, such as using proper isolation, modernazing the heating system and using solar energy. Organizers of the conference are aiming to start a movement that involves cities and this way encouraging energy saving and awareness together.

Article by DEHIR.HU 19/07/2010

Cooperation for energy saving – Article by DEHIR.HU

Article by Hajdú-Bihari Napló 13/07/2010

Saving Energy – Article by Hajdú-Bihari Napló