Agenda 21 Consulting ltd.

Agenda 21 Consulting s.r.l.

Agenda 21 Consulting ltd. is a SME developing research activities and consultancy services characterised by three main elements:

  • sustainable development approach to environmental and territorial issues
  • inter-disciplinarity and systemic vision
  • construction of linkages between research community and territorial management community.
City of Padua

Established in 1998, the main office is located in Padova, the city is famous for its historical University. The second office is located in Torcegno (Province of Trento) in the north part of Italy. Agenda 21 human resources are represented by the interdisciplinary team made up by 10 people.

Agenda 21 consulting is organised in five main sectors:

  • Sustainable cities with particular attention to transport, energy and tourism issues
  • Natural resources, protected natural areas and sustainable management, E.I.A. and S.E.A, ecological footprint
  • Decentralised cooperation and participatory development (i.e. Local Agenda 21)
  • Environmental communication, training and multimedia production
  • Europe project area

Previous experiences of Agenda 21 include network collaborations with universities, research centres, local and regional authorities in Italy and Europe to facilitate local and sustainable inclusive development based on participatory research and decision making.

Agenda 21’s role in EnSURE

As a member of the Scientific Advisory Team Agenda 21 has a cross cutting role, where evaluation, support and methodology of the participation process are the most important activities.

Agenda 21’s main aims are:

  • improving knowledge and innovation through effective networking of all project partners.
  • looking for more excellent and duplicable outputs for Central Europe’s benefit
  • keeping alive the cooperation after the project’s end

Agenda 21 is responsible for the elaboration of the following transnational outputs: Basic Knowledge Handbook, Transnational mid-term-training in Padova and Network of Energy Efficiency Info Points.


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Prof. De Marchi Massimo
Project Responsable
+39 49 80 79 57 0

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Padua Old Cafe Pedrocchi
Padua Old Cafe Pedrocchi
Trento Province Landscape
Trento Province Landscape
Trento Office
Trento Office