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Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem, Szociológia és Kommunikáció Tanszék

BME, as a prestigious Hungarian higher education institute, is committed to differentiated, multilevel, high-standard education. It has run abundant research projects for private and public contracting parties on various fields. Centre for Socio-Spatial Development Studies (CSSDS) at the Department of Sociology and Communication within the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences was recently established to integrate the efforts the related members of the staff and the scientific web around it. It is focusing its activities on various subjects related to urban and regional development from a multidimensional point of view.

The department with the contribution of the members of CSSDS has been running a postgraduate specialisation for economics students on regional and urban development that enabled and facilitated the creation of a web of professionals including urban planners, economists, civic engineers and alike within private and public sectors related to the fields of its concern. At the moment, members of the Centre are taking part in two national researches and one EU project.

The University’s role in EnSURE The main task of BME in the project is to lead, coordinate and participate in the activities related to WP3 that aims at analysing the state and potentials of energy-efficient urban development on local and district level, at elaborating strategies and methods in this relation and at managing the preparation of international recommendations and a compendium based on the aforesaid and other project partners’ related analyses.


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János B. Kocsis
Lecturer, supervisor of the project
+36 1 463 1132

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