City of Faenza

Comune di Faenza

The City of Faenza is a local authority of first level located in Eastern Italy, about half way between Venice and Florence, at the cross of the border of the Apennines and the river Po valley. It is a Roman rooted city founded about 170 years B.C. and it is well known all over the world for its ceramic tradition.

City of Faenza

Its economy being traditionally based on the agricultural sector, the city has in recent years also developed a substantial industrial sector, particularly for mechanics, ceramic tiles and agricultural products.

In the last decade, its town planning rule has been awarded several times in Italy and in Europe for the values of balanced growth, protection of historic features and environmental protection.

At the date of December 31st 2009 the resident population amounted to 57,664.

Faenza’s role in EnSURE

As a partner of the EnSURE project, the City of Faenza will develop a research concerning the supply and the use of energy in residential buildings built between 50 and 30 years ago.

As a second stage, a financial plan will be defined for the refurbishment of one single tenement, being an example for future maintenance actions to be showed to the involved stakeholders.


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