City of Ludwigsburg

Stadt Ludwigsburg

The City of Ludwigsburg is situated in the Region of Stuttgart, one of the most prosperous regions in Europe, with about 2.5 million inhabitants. Ludwigsburg is a significant middle centre in the north of Stuttgart with approximately 85.400 inhabitants and a strong linkage to the surrounding area.

Baroque planning and baroque castle of Ludwigsburg
Baroque planning and baroque castle

The municipality’s activities are based on the integrated city development concept with principles and strategic objectives in 11 areas. The concept was approved by the city council in 2006. Ludwigsburg developed a municipal energy and climate protection concept, based on an integrated urban development plan. Its implementation by numerous individual projects is currently in progress. The municipality was newly organized for this implementation; in particular the new Department for Sustainable Urban Development, assigned to the mayor, was created in 2008.

Besides this, the centre of competence for energy, climate protection and ecological design (Energetikom) was established. With the new centre a network for experts and users in the fields of energy saving, energy efficiency, climate protection and eco-design is being created. Ludwigsburg is a partner in various European projects with different perspectives on the city – i.e. the city as a whole as well as planning and development processes for urban quarters – e.g. “livinggreen” (INTERREG IV B NWE), “Sustainable Now” (Intelligent Energies), and “Case Study Energy Efficient City” (part of the research project Annex 51 of the International Energy Agency).

Ludwigsburg’s role in EnSURE

Ludwigsburg will adapt a representative post-war quarter to current needs. The main focus will be on the activation of relevant stakeholders and the implementation of an integrated rehabilitation concept. Main aims are reducing energy consumption, using renewable energies, climate-adaption such as greening and adaptation to current residential expectations.


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Pictures from Ludwigsburg

Historic city centre of Ludwigsburg
Historic city centre – market place
Municipal subject fields of the urban development concept
Municipal subject fields of the urban development concept