Development Agency GAL Genovese

Agenzia di Sviluppo GAL Genovese

City of Genoa

Since 2000, GAL has been concerned with the sustainable growth in the area around Genoa, functioning as a genuine local development agency.

This development process has gone hand in hand with the strengthening of the relation with the Province of Genoa and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa. They have made the company their operative body where local development issues have been the order of the day, i.e.:

  • promotion of rural, sport and cultural tourism
  • promotion of artistic handicrafts and typical local products
  • development of projects concerning artistic and cultural heritage in rural towns
  • development and spread of new technologies in the rural environment
  • identification of new models of development for the outskirts of urban areas
  • improvement in services and quality of life
  • environmental management
  • actions aimed at improving accessibility

The core business of the company is represented by its ability not only to create and manage development projects, funded one at a time by tenders at either European, national or regional level, but also to create operative networks and partnerships (at local, national and transnational levels, developing ideas and activities locally).

GAL Genovese´s role in EnSURE

GAL AG will draw specific attention on the energy efficient rehabilitation of buildings. Genoa is a city of about 650,000 inhabitants that from 1990 started an important requalification from an industrial city to a cultural, multi-sector and touristic city. The challenge of the local authorities is the sustainable use of energies and the decrease of C02 emissions the city and in the Province too.

The Development Agency GAL Genovese takes part in the EnSURE project inside a large local partnership, involving Province of Genoa, Chamber of Commerce, Muvita Agency, Financial Institutes, and the key association of enterprises and of private owners. The involvement of stakeholders and policy makers is necessary to work out important results in integrated development of urban areas. The Province of Genoa supports the Covenants of Mayor that represents an important support to Ensure activities.


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Director of GAL Genovese
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