Finlombarda S.p.A., Lombardia Region Developing Agency

(Finlombarda S.p.A., Finanziaria per lo sviluppo della Lombardia)

Finlombarda S.p.A. is the holding company of Lombardy Region. Established in 1971 upon initiative of the major banks operating in Lombardy (Cariplo Mediocredito Lombardo, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca Commerciale Italiana) and Lombardy Region, which then acquires 30% of the shares. Characterised as a public-private venture.

In 1998, gains entry to the Bank of Italy and the following year the region acquires a majority share. At the end of 2004, Lombardy Region acquires the entire share capital of Finlombarda, becoming the sole shareholder, and signs between 2005 and 2006 a considerable increase in the share capital.

Finlombarda’s aim is to support regional economic and social development initiatives through financial and managerial tools and Initiatives.

Finlombarda operates under regional government's mandate, having as a mission to promote the development of the regional economy and provide consultancy services for specific initiatives : Financial advisory, Financial and Administrative Management and Financial intermediation.

Finlombarda provides economic and financial assistance to build financial models for the financing of specific renewable energy plants.

Finlombarda’s specific activities in the renewable energies sector are:

  • Investigation on suitable instruments;
  • Direct investments in the equity of firms operating in clean technologies sector;
  • Participation in co-financing with financial institutions;
  • Subscription of shares of investment funds dedicated to clean technologies;
  • Credit facilities for the purchase of equipment with high efficiency.

Finlombarda’s role in EnSURE

Finlombarda has gathered a substantial experience both in designing and implementing innovative financial instruments to put in action the regional urban development policies in the fields of housing and energy.

Within ENSURE, Finlombarda will mainly be involved in the analysis of financial instruments for energy efficient urban development and energetic rehabilitation:

  • Analysis of regional/national/EU funding opportunities, criteria for funding eligibility and analysis of financial products in partner countries;
  • Definition of key elements for a transnational contracting model to carry out energy saving measures in public buildings;
  • Drafting recommendations for innovative financial schemes to be disseminated into a guideline;
  • Definition of key features for the design of local/regional energy action plans to finance the enhancement of alternative energy use (development of local/regional climate-energy funds).


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