Eastern-Hungarian European Initiations (KEK) Foundation

Kelet-Magyarországi Európai Kezdeményezések Alapítvány

The Eastern Hungarian European Initiations Foundation represents the non-profit sector. It maintains innovative initiations in many fields: economy, education, training, expertise, and consultancy. In the civil sphere, the organisation and its representatives have a wide-scale reliable and operating partnership and experiences.

The objective of the founders was to integrate non-profit and for-profit actors with their common task of spatial and regional development.

The institutions mission focuses on the promotion of effective links between public authorities, academic (research) sector, enterprises and civil society actors in order to join their capacities.

We generally participate in different projects in the following fields:

  • Cross-sectoral and specialised research tasks
  • Regional and local development
  • Private sector development and industrial promotion
  • International appearance
  • Environment and energy investments
  • Institutional building
  • Education and training
  • Technical translation
  • Financing and investment

The KEK Foundation’s role in EnSURE

The KEK Foundation contributes to the elaboration of all outputs. Due to its special research expertise, it is member of the Scientific Advisory Board. The KEK Foundation’s pilot project is the rehabilitation of a residential building.



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György Szabados
Project manager
+36 20 51 99 585

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