Residential Building Cooperative “Praga”

Robotnicza Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa “Praga”

RSM „PRAGA” has been operating since 1970. It is one of the biggest co-operatives in Warsaw and the biggest in the rightsided Warsaw.

RSM "Praga” means:

  • 6 administrative areas
  • 213 apartment buildings
  • 11 commercial and usable space buildings
  • 16 478 apartments
  • 434 commercial and usable premises
  • 873,337 m2 of the apartment space
  • 55 238 m2 of the usable space
  • ca. 50,000 inhabitants
  • over 600,000 m2 of green areas
  • 40 children play grounds and play areas
  • 16 sport areas
  • 8 underground car-parks


In order to implement its statutory tasks, RSM "Praga” purchases ownership title or right of perpetual usufruct to land. RSM “Praga” constructs apartment buildings, auxiliary and commercial facilities, and usable premises. RSM "Praga” as well conducts social and cultural activity. But RSM "Praga” biggest and most important task is to perform management of housing resources and its own property.


Apartement buildings

RSM Praga’s role in EnSURE

Our pilot project will promote the use of alternative energy. The usage of solar energy with a suitable storage technology should ensure a sufficient energy supply. Therefore it is necessary to implement European technical and technological know-how in RSM “Praga” by forming a cooperation network between local government, enterprises, industry bodies, academies, financing institutions and the European partners.

The main tool for the implementation of solar energy will be a practice and product-orientated training programe. Therefore a demonstration solar installation and information centre will be constructed locally in one of our buildings. The proposed solar installation will be a permanent setup, which will be used for multiple purposes:

  • demonstration of energy production on the basis
  • teaching and training of different target groups
  • promotion of EnSURE information during and after the end of the project.


Such a object in RSM “PRAGA” will be an example for other division and regions as the entire country is facing the same problem of energy supply problems. Additionally, a promotion effect of this environmental friendly technology to other consumer groups is realised.

Financial savings from the pilot project (energy and CO2 reduction) will give a leverage effect for next the same type of investments in next RSM “Praga” buildings.


Logo RSM Praga Warsaw

Ms. Agnieszka Stateczna-Majkowska
Project Manager
+48 22 619 12 21

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