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SIPRO Agenzia per lo Sviluppo – Ferrara

SIPRO Ferrara has 30 years of experience in the development of the area of Ferrara. It has mainly been working as intermediary among public authorities and private organisations, therefore it's a very technical body. Several projects have been implemented at local level to support new approaches for the energetic rehabilitation of public buildings.

In addition, new ways of energy supply have been investigated and some pilot projects have already been put in place by SIPRO. Since 2004, industrial buildings, business incubators and technology centres, have been the main objects for important energy conversion actions, such as the implementation of the use of photovoltaic systems, the test of innovative systems and the wider application of energy saving approaches.

SIPRO’s role in EnSURE

SIPROCUBE is a business incubator network managed by SIPRO Ferrara. The network has been set up thanks to ERDF funds, municipal and regional funds. It includes 4 incubators located in Ferrara, Copparo and San Giovanni di Ostellato, for a total surface of more than 5,000 sq. m. available to new enterprises.

SIPROCUBE business incubator network

The main objective of SIPRO’s pilot project is the enhancement of the energy efficiency of the incubators’ network, including:

  • Tthe comparison of different possible interventions to improve the performance of the buildings, taking into account energetic diagnosis, interventions hypothesis (e.g. thermal external wall insulation, green roofs, reduction of electricity consumption, replacement of heating systems, additional thermal insulation of top floor ceiling..) and cost-benefits analysis for each technical proposal.
  • A wider use of alternative energy systems
  • Design and construction of innovative infrastructures at the service of the incubators: parking areas with photovoltaic plants, photovoltaic public lighting systems.
  • Feasibility plan assessing the cost-benefits of setting up: a biomass plant (based on the reuse of local agricultural wastes), district heating system (for the business incubator of Ferrara) ,co-generation / trigeneration energy system.-raise of awareness among enterprises settled in the network,
  • Involvement of Public Authorities, owners of the infrastructures, with the aim of extending the tested systems on other public infrastructures (Schools, public offices, hospitals, sport-centres…);
  • Cooperation agreement to be defined with local ACER (manager of the building stock’s -council houses- patrimony of the Province of Ferrara), ESCO and the University of Ferrara (Faculty of Architecture), with the aim to define new methodologies for the integrated design of industrial buildings using alternative energy systems (e.g. photovoltaic concentration systems, …).

Another important issue is the development of financial instruments and the involvement of local stakeholders. SIPRO is mainly interested in investigating the possibility to develop financing tools such as revolving fund or Jessica fund for the conversion of public infrastructures with the use of innovative energy.




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